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ASEANA 3 BPO Project Located at Para?aque City. Exquisite Design that will last. Reception Counter Stone Marble Black Marquina (a white veins pattern contrasts with the purity of black background). Wall Cladding at Reception Area Stone Materials a combination of White & Beige Travertine Marble (often has a fibrous or concentric appearance & exists in white, tan, cream-colored & even rusty varieties) Light Emperador (is a light brown coloured marble with fine grain & abundant irregular & crossed yellowish vein). Elevator Wall Beige Travertine Marble. Flooring Stone Marble Creama Marfil (this stone is ideally suited for indoor like flooring, creates a spectacular aesthetic with this exquisite collection of marble flooring, it can work well in any space that needs an elegant touch). Lavatory Counter Stone Granite Imperial Black (commonly used on counter tops, this granite is known for its durability and flexibility).